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A shrinkage optimization tool that helps organizations reclaim lost revenue, by providing flexible, on-demand scheduling and empowering employees to work when they can.

Shrinkage (n.): Loss of profits due to unsold inventory, clerical issues, unplanned time off, unexpected call volume, or unfilled schedules.

ImIn (n.): An on-demand mobile application that offers flex scheduling, employee incentives and rewards, and opportunities for improved customer service.

Imin to

ImIn Mobile App

The IMIN Mobile App takes a modern approach to employment.
Employees can schedule working hours, check their schedule, and receive alerts when new hours are available.

On-demand Scheduling

Instantly send out mobile push notifications to alert workers of an immediate schedule opening, empowering them to have control of their lifestyle and work when they want.

Direct Messaging

Keep the lines of communication open with chat functionality that increases connectivity and engagement between workers and their manager.

Rewards & Ratings

Incentivize your team by paying dynamic wages for working during peak hours and rewarding points for performance. This gamification approach recognizes your team for their work, encourages a sense of accomplishment and enhances loyalty to your organization.

Our feature benefits


Available Anytime, Anywhere

With real-time push notifications, our digital on-demand staffing solution lets you send out instant job alerts: connecting your organization with top tier talent to quickly cover an opening on the schedule due to absenteeism, take on a part-time gig, work seasonally or settle into a long-term opportunity.


Rewards for Your Team

Employees tend to stay at organizations where they feel valued. ImIn’s custom mobile app enables you to communicate with talent in real-time, offer reward points for performance or hours worked, and set dynamic wages based on schedule availability.


Everything in One

ImIn’s proprietary technology combines a central data storage, mobile application, and specialized scheduling engine to help facilitate on-demand scheduling for organizations of all sizes.


Web-Enabled Backend Admin Control

Your workers aren’t the only one in the driver’s seat. You are too. With full access to the backend administrative control via PC, tablet and mobile device, you’re able to manage your employee’s details, user activity, and more.


Improvements All Around

With flexible scheduling options, employee and customer satisfaction improves, attrition rates are reduced, and revenue is reclaimed.

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