ImIn is committed to impacting the things that matter most: your company’s bottom line and the people that help to make it happen. 

ImIn Video Introductions


What is ImIn’s origin and how does it work?


Quick walk through of the ImIn app and its core features, such as on-demand scheduling, rewards for time worked, and real-time communication.


Hear how our customized ImIn solution helped one client reduce shrinkage, retain employees, and increase revenue by 10%.

Benefits of ImIn

Case Study

Across 600 agents in 3 different models, deploying the application allowed for a reduction in shrinkage of 49% and helped reclaim 43,000 hours, resulting in 2.5% improvement in revenue in 2022

001 / Shrinkage
  • $804,399 in revenue make up for Jan. and Feb. 2023.
  • 128 part-time agents enrolled, covering shrinkage for different LOBs
  • 24,849 fulfilled hours for Jan. and Feb. 2023
002 / Full Time Pool
  • 89% reduction in unplanned absenteeism: YTD absenteeism for flexible pool is 2% vs. 18% for static group.
  • 94 full-time agents converted to flexible schedule via ImIn.
  • 163 full time agents still on static schedules.
  • 47% decrease in attrition: Current YTD attrition is 7% vs. 13% for the static group.
003 / Overtime
  • 31% increase in average worked hours per employee: YTD increased to 241.
  • 103 agents enrolled in the overtime program via the ImIn App.