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ImIn empowers workers to set their own hours, fulfill customer service commitments, decrease employee attrition rates, explore innovative staffing solutions, provide flexible schedule options for employees, streamline the hiring process, and reclaim lost revenue from employee absenteeism.

Lauren Wilson
CEO & Founder

“ImIn was born out of the knowledge that 98% of the employee population of my family’s business are African American and approximately 95% of them are parents. Furthermore, a good portion of them are women and single mothers at that. Due to the lack of flexibility in work hours, I frequently saw scheduling challenges. It is critically important to create an environment that considers both an employee’s personal and professional life. Our features allow employers the ability to retain full time employees and the ability to recover typically lost revenue due to absenteeism. Additionally, employees are provided needed flexibility which increases employee satisfaction.”

Our values &commitments

Modern & Innovative

The world and how we do things is changing quickly and ImIn is helping organizations keep up by re-imagining the workforce.


We get it. The goal of your business is growth.With our strategic approach to modern-day staffing, ImIn is laser-focused on helping you get where you want to go.

Cost Savings

When you save time, you save money. ImIn is passionate about propelling organizations to grow by creating solutions that help them run more efficiently with streamlined processes.

Meet the team

Emilio de Jesus
Principal of Product
Rafael Martinez
Principal of Sales
Mohamed Yasir
Vinu Vijayan
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Josimar Mateus
UI/UX Designer

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